In Cantonese dim-sum means ‘touch heart’. Our solutions touch hearts to move people.

We offer a unique, tailored approach of blended disciplines, such as strategic design and futures- and design thinking.

All with an eye for people, cultures and brands.

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We design strategy, gain insights and provide you with the creative tools to make them work for you.
Also when we are not there.

1. We research 

We aim to uncover fresh perspectives, as well as cultural and industry insights, through field research and consumer immersion.

We also provide clients with a regular editorial take out, based on true insights.

2. We construct

We co-create with stakeholders to craft concrete, ambitious but realistic plans that successfully guide clients from A to B.

3. We connect

We do all that is needed to help people see things in a new way.

We guide, provoke, facilitate, and experiment.

We co-create concepts, host future scenarios workshops and bring in people from other fields in order to encourage empathy and new perspectives.

4. We deliver

We care for people and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

As a result, our work isn’t done until stories are created and communication is planned.

Here’s the thing: if you’re going to go from A to B you might as well get everybody on board from the start. It’s more effective, more sustainable and in the end more cost-effective. In the end, everybody wins.

"Working with dim-sum means learning to see things in a new way, and working together towards surprising and valuable solutions."

Irene Smit - Co-founder Flow magazine