We are Janneke and Martijn — driving forces behind dim-sum.

As creative strategists, we both felt our work field was lacking a strong focus on what matters most: emotional intelligence, curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

That’s why we decided to fill the void: dim-sum was born.

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As a company, we rather set about real change than work on a plan that is destined to end up collecting dust somewhere.

We’re pragmatic. Instead of writing about a change, we offer tailor-made solutions that we help to implement.

— Janneke Grootings

Janneke has a background in HR, coaching, branding, editing and writing. This helps her to ask the right questions and find the best words.  

She enjoys diving into new worlds and getting to the heart of stories, with an eye for culture, people and brands.

Her work is always about understanding people’s needs. Janneke draws inspiration from facilitating (personal) growth, creativity and better ways of working. 

— Martijn Ros

Martijn’s roots lie in digital strategy, innovation, and branding. He is passionate about design and creative culture.

He loves exploring new ideas, and fresh routes in creativity.

He believes successful ideas are found in brutally honest insights, exploration of alternative scenarios for what we think is probable, and on the verge of human creativity and business-pragmatism.

"At dim-sum, we strongly believe in the combination of an explorative mindset with creative methods, mixed in with a true 'getting-sh*t-done' mentality."